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In "Turn Up Your Life & Create Something F.I.E.R.C.E Within: 7 Small Soul Shining Steps to BIG Change," Terese Hawthorne shares her intimate and candid journey from living with a scarcity mindset, which led to low self-esteem, low self-respect, and consequences of abd decisions, to living with an abundant mindset that creates impact, builds financial freedom and walks in truth.


She reveals that as a survivor of a suicide attempt, molestation, a hateful racist attack, and parents addicted to drugs, that she found herself in survival mode at a time when she should have been thriving. Until she found her resilience , she hid behind the toxic behaviors that left her broke and broken. It wasn't until she embodied her value, believed in her own abilities and said "YES" to herself that her life began to drastically transform.


This world is vast with so many opportunities for all of us, but sometimes we become so complacent and don't give ourselves a chance to live big from the inside out. We say "no" to ourselves without even trying. We believe the lie that we are not worth it or that it is not achievable. That is simply NOT TRUE. In this book, Teresa defines the steps that everyone can take to leave a life of scarcity behind and rise into greatness!

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